How to snog in D&D

Ever since Wizards of the Coast relicensed Advanced Dungeons and Dragons under the terms of the Open Game license, third parties have been able to add their own rulebooks to the game-universe. Now there's a book of rules for integrating sex into your RPGs.

The first chapter discusses handling sex in a mature way, and provides an overview of various facets of sex such as humor, sexual orientation, fetishes, prostitution, pornography, commitment and infidelity, chastity, pregnancy and childbirth, and taboos. This is a fairly basic section, but more thought-provoking than you might expect — at least as it pertains to a roleplaying game.

There's a look at how the alignments relate to sex, as well as how each player character race typically views it. Other fantasy races are also mentioned, including centaurs, doppelgangers, dryads, giants, goblinoids, lizardfolk, merfolk, nymphs, and sprites. There are even considerations on other creature types: aberrations, constructs, dragons, elementals, outsiders, and more.

The new (and optional) rules for sex — skills, feats, etc. — are found in the second chapter. The Appearance ability score is brought into play, which is used for certain skill checks. Some of the new uses for existing skills include Appraising a potential partner, Bluffing to connect with someone, Knowledge about various topics, Perform (sexual techniques), several Professions (such as Courtesan, Masseuse, Midwife, or Tattoo Artist), and Sense Motive. New feats include such entries as Animal Magnetism, Chaste Life, Disarming Looks, Limber, Seductive, Sexual Training, Sterile, and more. Issues such as sexually transmitted diseases and their physical and social consequences are covered, along with birth control, conception, and pregnancy.


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