My New Fighting Technique: a tale of xerography on the high seas

David Rees, author of the Get Your War On strips and the book My New Fighting Technique is Unstoppable describes how MNFTIU became a book — a tale involving countless under-the-table deals with people who have access to high-speed photocopiers. This kind of story illustrates the power of xerography and the importance of having a job wiht access to a high-speed photocopies.

So the book was being distributed via fax without my permission. This is called "file sharing." I asked the guy if he thought his photocopy friend would make me some copies of the book at a reduced rate ? seeing as how he was already engaged in unauthorized fax piracy on the high seas of clip-art comics. He thought this was reasonable. I called the guy at the photocopy shop and we worked out an arrangement whereby I would stop by the shop on Friday afternoons with a 12-pack of beer. I would leave the beer on top of the counter and he would kick a box of books under the counter. I would lug the books (actually, collated pages) home on the subway and staple them in my living room. That is how I learned the ancient art of bookbinding.


(Thanks, Zed!)