SimCity for Sims, recursion will eat itself

A third-party Sims developer has produced a version of SimCity for use in the Sims, so that your simulated people can simulate being the mayor of a simulated city. No word yet on whether we are all just sims in a great simulation in the sky, executing on a celestial computer the size of the universe, with "God" simply a gamer playing an unimaginably scaled up version of the Sims. But I have my suspicions. Have a melon. Lag. Dude.

"The Sims must routinely refurbish the buildings to keep the citizens happy, or just let them deteriorate and force the citizens to become unhappy and move away," says Alvey. "Happy citizens go to work and pay taxes, which the Sims collect as revenue. The higher the profits, the more attractive the city becomes, so more citizens will move into it."


(via Futurismic)