Jack Chick's own Passion

Before Mel Gibson's Vanity Project, there was Jack Chick, the clown prince of loony religious nuttery, author of countless comic-book tracts advising on the danger of Catholicism, Freemasonry, Dungeons and Dragons and Hallowe'en. Now, Chick has released his own vanity project, an utlra-violent DVD celebrating his unique spin on matters Biblical.

Cut to present day when a narrator informs us that "the whole world is filled with liars, thieves and fornicators" with the forced-sounding awe of the voiceover for a Christmas-themed McDonald's commercial. This section is called "This was your life" and is based on the Chick tract of the same name. It tells the story of a man who thought he lived a decent life, but finds himself condemned for eternity to hell.

But what a hell it is! It's a feast of explosions of blood, cross-species monsters, huge dragon snakes and great, glowing orange eyes. Jack T. Chick LLC really gets off on gore, pain and blood. Later in the movie, Jesus' face looks like a bloody stump when the Roman guard spits on him.

Link (via JWZ)