Downloadable audio rarities from Disney's 1964 World's Fair attractions

Andy Baio has posted a .torrent of an unreleased, 4-CD set of the audio from Disney's 1964 New York World's Fair attractions (Small World, Magic Skyway, Progressland AKA Carousel of Progress, and Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln). It's been floating around on Usenet ever since a deal to publish it fell through, and now it's available in one convenient place.

General Electric Progressland
01. There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow Progressland Spectacular
02. Welcome
03. Walt and the Sherman Brothers
04. Carousel of Progress Early Script Reading
05. Carousel of Progress Alternate Universe Version
06. The Skydome Spectacular
07. Toucan and Parrot The Electronic Utility Show
08. Music to Buy Toasters By
09. Mirror Maze
10. Carousel of Music Kaleidophonic Opening
11. Carousel of Music 1890s
12. Carousel of Music Dixieland Gramophone
13. Carousel of Music 1920s
14. Carousel of Music 1940s
15. Carousel of Music Radio and Record Player
16. Horizons EPCOT


(Thanks, Andy!))