Logan Airport deploys snitch-squad

Logan Airport is deploying undercover snoops who will keep an eye out for anxious, sweaty, inappropriately dressed air-travellers who are observing security measures. These people will be sent away for secondary cavity-screening. You know, the number of times I've shown up at a warm-weather airport in a cold-weather coat (formy destination), sweating, anxious, and bug-eyed at the National Guard teenagers threatening to blow their zits off with their hulking carbines… Welcome to the future: a boot stamping on a human face — forever.

[O]fficials watch people as they move through terminals. They look for odd or suspicious behavior: heavy clothes on a hot day, loiterers without luggage, anyone observing security methods.

At the security checkpoints, screening supervisors have a score sheet with a list of behaviors on it. If a passenger hits a certain number, a law enforcement officer will be notified to question the person.


(via Fark)