MIT makes Jack Valenti look like an idiot

MIT's The Tech interviews the MPAA's outgoing spokesmonster Jack Valenti, with hilarious results. It's not often that a slickster as teflon coated as Jack gets made to look an utter fool (though I'd welcome a round onstage with him in front of a university audience) so bravo and bravo again to The Tech's Keith J. Winstein, who ran circles around Valenti.

TT: Indeed, but are you doing that when you rent a movie from Blockbuster and you watch it at home? … I run Linux on my computer. There's no product I can buy that's licensed to watch [DVDs]. If I go to Blockbuster and rent a movie and watch it, am I a bad person? Is that bad?

JV: No, you're not a bad person. But you don't have any right.

TT: But I rented the movie. Why should it be illegal?

JV: Well then, you have to get a machine that's licensed to show it.

TT: Here's one of these machines; it's just not licensed.

[Winstein shows Valenti his six-line "qrpff" DVD descrambler.]

TT: If you type that in, it'll let you watch movies.

JV: You designed this?

TT: Yes.

JV: Un-fucking-believable.


(via Joi)