Harry Potter movie reworked with a downloadable soundtrack

Wizard People, Dear Reader is a remix of the first Harry Potter movie. It's a special soundtrack to the movie made by artist Brad Neely that recasts the story and tone of the flick. The idea is to buy the DVD and play the soundtrack (which is a free download) alongside of it.

With Mr. Neely's gravelly narration, the movie's tone shifts into darkly comic, pop-culture-savvy territory. Hagrid, Harry Potter's giant, hairy friend, becomes Hagar, the Horrible, and Harry's fat cousin becomes Roast Beefy. As imagined by Mr. Neely, the three main characters are child alcoholics with a penchant for cognac, the magical ballgame Quidditch takes on homoerotic overtones, and Harry is prone to delivering hyper-dramatic monologues. "I am a destroyer of worlds," bellows Mr. Neely at one point, sending laughter reverberating through the warehouse Friday night. "I am Harry" expletive "Potter!"


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