Open Source Con session blogs

Danny O'Brien and Quinn Norton are attending the O'Reilly Open Source con in Portland, and blogging the hell out of the sessions and keynotes. This is excellent stuff.

Stumbling into the Perl Lightning Talks now. Randal Schwartz (looks like Randal. Certainly wearing Randal-like clothes. He's the Hooter's guy, right? I always get him and Tom Phoenix confused. Okay, definitely Randal.) Anyway, he's written a CGI replacement that uses Class::Prototype to create a proper MVC-style object interface for Web applications. The stub class implements a default Web app, and you just stick in your own methods which customise it. I wonder if this is how WebObjects works? They worked out how to structure it by looking at oodles of existing CGI apps.

I don't know what the name of this class is (for I am an idiot), but it'lll be out on CPAN soonest. Look for the Hooters guy.

Danny Link, Quinn Link