Jim Munroe's new novel in 88 blog entries

Jim Munroe — the author of the wonderful anarcho-science-fiction novels Flyboy Action Figure Comes With Gasmask, Angry Young Spaceman, Everyone in Silico and others; and a former managing editor of AdBusters — has a new novel out, whose premise is that it is the blog of the roommate of a demonness. He is posting the novel one blog-entry at a time for the next 88 days:

When Kate discovers that her roommate identifies as a demoness, she figures it's too sacrilicious a secret to keep to herself: she tells all on her blog, roommatefromhell.com.

This is the basic gist of my new book, An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil, a tale of the urban occult told entirely through Kate's entries. Starting today, I'll be posting one a day to the faux roommatefromhell.com blog until all 88 entries (the whole book) are up. After that I'll be writing a spinoff story based on how the poll on the site goes.