Dress code at the mall

The conservatown that spawned me–Cincinnati, Ohio–now boasts a mall with a dress code. Rent-a-cops at Cincinnati Mills mall hand out yellow code of conduct slips to those violating behavior and, amazingly, clothing policies. For example, Miami University sophomore Donnie Jefferson was "cited" two different times for sporting a sideways baseball cap. On another occasion, he says, a group of his friends who were wearing white t-shirts and jeans were escorted out. Hmmm… I wonder if it's because Donnie and his pals happen to black. No, it couldn't possibly be that. Not a chance.

"We have to be consistent across the board with the cap issue… There are, unfortunately in these days and times, groups that would mistake that as a different message and we don't want that," Jim Childress, Cincinnati Mills general manager, told WCPO. "In our business a customer is a customer. There is no distinction among age, religion, ethnic background."

I'd love to send a middle-aged white guy in there rocking a sideways Reds cap and see how he's treated. Link (Thanks, C-Lo, my Censornati homeboy!)