ShmooCon: new hackercon in DC this Feb

ShmooCon is the first conference put on by the high-larious hacker clade The Shmoo Group, who brought you such fun projects as the HackerBot and the WiFi sniper rifle. Coming next February 4-6 to DC's Wardman Park Marriott Hotel.

"Break It!" – a track dedicated to the demonstration of techniques, software, and devices devised with only one purpose in mind–technology exploitation. You will bear witness to some of the most devious minds, source code, and gadgets on the planet that focus their energies on breaking the technology we mindless sheep keep on buying. Baaaaa.

"Build It!" – a track that showcases inventive software & hardware solutions–from distributed computing or stealth p2p networks to miniature form-factor community wireless network node hardware or robotics even. Let loose your inner geek, and feel free to gawk. With all the neat stuff, it's important to take notes–that way we all have evidence to shoot down some sleazeball patents 5 years from now.

"BoF It!" – a track that promotes the open discussion of critical information security issues in a "birds of a feather" format. From lightning open source code audits or wireless insecurity discussion panels to DRM rants or anonymity & privacy strategies–it's down and dirty, with plenty of controversy for folks who like hashing it out with fellow hackers. Feel free to throw your Shmooball here, but no fisticuffs, please. Settle your differences at Hack-or-Halo in the evening, instead.