New York Underground

Julia Solis is an urban archaeologist who explores the subterranean mysteries and ruins of New York City and other locales. For years, she's chronicled her adventures through photographic evidence and essays posted on her Dark Passage Web site. Now, Routledge has published New York Underground, a stunning monograph of Solis's journey into the underworld.

NYCSOLIS"Did alligators ever really live in New York's sewers? What's it like to explore the old aqueducts beneath the city? How many levels are beneath Grand Central Station? And how exactly did the pneumatic tube system that New York's post offices used to employ work? In this richly illustrated historical tour of New York's vast underground systems, Julia Solis answers all these questions and much, much more. New York Underground is timed to release in the centennial year of the city's subway system. It takes readers through ingenious criminal escape routes, abandoned subway stations, and dark crypts beneath lower Manhattan to expose the city's basic anatomy. While the city is justly famous for what lies aboveground, its underground passages are equally legendary, and tell us just as much about how the city works. "