Ed Felten's lecture: "Rip, Mix, Burn, Sue" — UPDATED

Ed Felten, the legendary engineer who led the team that broke the music industry's watermarking scheme and whom the music industry threatened with legal action if he presented his findings at a technical conference, has given an amazing lecture on copyright and technology as part of the Princeton President's Lecture series, called "Rip, Mix, Burn, Sue: Technology, Politics, and the Fight to Control Digital Media." It's a fantastic primer for geeks, lawyers and civilians on the copyfight.


(Thanks, Michael!)

Update: Ed Felten sez, "The lecture is now available under a Creative Commons (non-commercial, share-alike) license. There's a page with license info and links to the lecture. At the moment it has the streams only, but I hope to add other formats as soon as I can. If anybody translates it into a different format, I would like to know so I can add a link to my page and/or redistribute the translation myself. [Note: Email Ed with your new formats, NOT Cory]