Warhol's Interview box set

Warhol7L is fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld's imprint at art book publishing house Steidl. I was just at the 7L bookshop in Paris and one of the many objects of desire I encountered was Andy Warhol's Interview: 35 Years of Pop, a seven-volume boxed "best of" collection of the magazine's first (and arguably best) decade. Each book has a different theme: The Covers, The Pictures, The Interviews, The Andy Warhol Interviews, The Fashion, The Directors, and The Back of the Book. There's also a facsimile of the entire first issue from 1969 and the 35th anniversary issue published in October. The whole shebang weighs 88 pounds, but fortunately Lagerfeld brilliantly outfitted the box with wheels and a handlle. Link