Beats a plain pine box

Isaac Adjetey Sowah of Accra, Ghana designs and builds fantasy coffins, like this one that reflects its "future resident's" trade in life. From snails to airplanes to Cadillacs, people are just dying to get into one of Sowah's creations. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) From the BBC:

 Media Images 40770000 Jpg  40770401 Shoe Ghana
When I asked Isaac about his most unusual commission his eyes light up and a big grin envelopes his face.

"Oh," he says, "An angel, a big white angel".

Now it seems he cannot wait to craft the archangel Gabriel himself.

But for those wanting something more conventional, there is always the Bible coffin which remains a popular design.

Think of a large box in the shape of a leather bound book with the front cover on hinges, and you get the idea.