Punk cover bands and Motorhead's bluegrass makeover

Punk cover bands: here are two, but IMO that's enough to comprise a genre. Any others out there?

Gay Black Flag cover band BLACK FAG Link

All-Jewish Skrewdriver cover band JEWDRIVER: Link
(Thanks, Sean Bonner!)

Update: Boing Boing reader Kim Cooper says, "How about the Misfats, 'the fattest Misfits tribute band ever'?" Link.

Reader Shannon Stewart says, "Here are a few more bands… There are a ton out there."

Black Velvet Flag – All-lounge punk covers: Link

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – A punk supergroup that covers everything from show tunes to '70s hits: Link

Richard Cheese — Lounge covers of punk, pop and other types of music: Link

Reader Charles sez, "Not strictly punk, but we have this band here in Seattle — 'Hells Belles,' an all-girl AC/DC cover band." Link

Reader david says: "Another all-gIrl AC/DC tribute band. A really good one, too!" Link to AC/D-SHE

Boing Boing pal Joey "Accordion Guy" deVilla says, "I'll see your punk cover band genre and raise you an alt-rock mash-up cover band. Smash-Up Derby are a cover band, but their covers are in the form of live-mash-ups. Check out the MP3s posted on their site, such as Smells Like Billie Jean, where Nirvana and Michael Jackson collide — they're quite good!" Link

Tim Binder says, "This is for your Punk Cover Bands listing, which seems to be rapidly expanding to list unusual cover bands of any sort. The Beach Balls are a Philadelphia cover band that does 80s songs in an operatic/folk style. The link is to a site that has two of their cover songs, Back In Black (more AC/DC) and Girls on Film. When I first saw them live, I was just stunned when I realized that the song I was hearing at the time was The Car's My Best Friend's Girlfriend." Link

Amardeep Singh says,

My favorite punk cover band was Schlong. Their one full-length LP was a drunk-punk version of "West Side Story" called "Punk Side Story," complete with fighting sound effects, snippets of dialogue, and pictures of drunk-looking bay area punk rockers looking at the moon. They match the soundtrack of "West Side Story" track for track. They don't have a webpage, but you can find reference to them here.

And Bruce Heersen says, "Here's yet another AC/DC cover band: Hayseed Dixie (link). On their debut album A Hillbilly Tribute to AC/DC, they do AC/DC covers bluegrass-style. They have at least one more album that is covers of other rock bands. I've seen these guys live, and they are pretty unbelievable. Really entertaining."

Check out this awesome video for Hayseed Dixie's cover of Mötorhead's punk/metal anthem "Ace of Spades," edited entirely on a PowerMac G4 laptop. Link (screenshot shown at top of this post).

Lemmy's inbred cousins would be proud.

To which BB reader Dario Manzoni sez:

About the bluegrass covers: there is Iron Horse's "Fade to Bluegrass: The Bluegrass Tribute To Metallica" (Link to samples). I think they did a nice job capturing Metallica's peculiar sound. And absolutely worth mentioning (but different kind) are Apocalyptica, that once released "Plays Metallica by four cellos" (link to full album at low bitrate for sampling purpose)

Update 2: Thread continues here with still more punk rock cover bands: Link