Coke: the most ideological cola of them all

Dieter sez, "Coca-Cola is not only first among sugar-waters, but first among promoting global capitalism. has a wonderful video from 1955 of Coke promoting its presence in the Phillipines. There's shots of 'local culture' and disturbing montages of the industries that have popped up surrounding Coke in the Orient."

This then is the story of refreshement, of Coca-Cola a quality product, pure and wholesome. A story of a friendly product, delicious and refreshing. A story of partners in progress with all Philippine industry providing employment for thousands of people in many industries, contributing to the progress of the country, and in the future as it always does, Coca-Cola will continue to bring more pleasure, more enjoyment to more people everywhere and Coca-Cola is everywhere in the Philippines.


(Thanks, Dieter!)