KGB Guide to London released by MI5

A Cold-War-era KGB spy's guide to London has been released by the MI5 to the UK National Archives. I'd love to get a copy of this and make a modern edition!

It tells the spy everything he or she needs to know including about living and operating in London, from the best rendezvous points to tips for avoiding attention from the authorities.

For instance, a flat in South Kensington was "definitely an asset" as the area has a good reputation with the police, it said.

But central London should be avoided for meeting secret contacts because of the heavy police presence.

"Rendezvous should be arranged in the outlying districts. Thus one can pass through the central area with all its stores, museums, shops, subways etc to make sure one is not shadowed," the handbook warned.

Suggested rendezvous points included the Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens, the bandstand in Hendon Public Park, Chelsea Town Hall and the ABC Cafe opposite Ealing Broadway Underground Station.


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Update: Mike Ryan sez, "this is from the 1930's. A pedantic point, but the KGB wasn't called as such until 1953."

Update 2: CMH sez, "You can look at picutures of the documents here."