ChoicePoint files are full of stupid, damaging errors and they don't care

Deborah Pierce — former EFF attorney and now Executive Director of PrivacyActivism — got a look at her ChoicePoint file and discovered it to be riddled with errors and full of disturbingly personal information. MSNBC reports that ChoicePoint's attitude toward fixing those errors is basically that you just can't.

What first caught Pierce's eye, she said, was a heading titled "possible Texas criminal history." A short paragraph suggested additional, "manual" research, because three Texas court records had been found that might be connected to her. "A manual search on PIERCE D.S." is recommended, it said.

Pierce says she's only visited Texas twice briefly, and never had any trouble with the law there.

"But if I was applying for a job, and there were other candidates, and this was on my record, the company would obviously go for another person," she said. "It raises a question in your mind."