Gallery of Port Authority "photo prohibited" signs

Karl sez,

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has quietly banned the taking of photographs in at least the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels, on the George Washington Bridge, and in the PATH system. (I've seen people being hassled for taking pictures inside the P.A. Bus Terminal, but I couldn't find that prohibited in the posted rules; they wised up at the World Trade Center site and I can't find any prohibitions there any more; I don't know what the status is at the airports, but I can't imagine it being good.)

When I first saw the slick signage at the Holland Tunnel, I was very sad. They have since added these "No Photo" signs on the GW and the Lincoln tunnel, and every time I see them, I feel a mixture of anger and helplessness and sadness. Soon enough, you just get used to it, and begin to forget that it ever was any different. "Why would you ever have wanted to take pictures inside a tunnel anyway, Grampa?"

It's sad and depressing, and I don't want it to become merely taken for granted and unremarked.
So I went out and took pictures of the "No Pictures" signs, and I've put them up on my website. They're not professional pictures, and a good zoom lense would have helped my effort enormously, but at least they're up, and maybe will cause people to stop and think about it for just a little bit.


(Thanks, Karl!)