Songs as BASIC programs, alphabetical lists, haiku, predicate logic

Meredith sez, 'The song-reformatting meme from two days ago continues to breed and mutate. Link goes to an Outlook-calendar version of Robert Smith's week according to "Friday I'm In Love". Others worth noting: "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" in first-order predicate logic, "Love Shack" in alphabetical order, various Beatles songs in haiku, the bears in the bed song in BASIC, and John Cage's 4' 33".'

10 let x=5
20 if x>1 then let b$="bears" else let b$="bear"
30 if x>1 then let s$="roll over, roll over" else let s$="I'm sleepy"
40 print x, b$, "in the bed, and the little one said", s$
50 if x=1 then goto 90
60 print "So they all rolled over, and one fell out."
70 let x=x-1
80 goto 20
90 end


(Thanks, Meredith)