Tech-pimped Winnebago

Ameritrade (or someone using their name) is auctioning off a 37-foot Winnebago Adventurer tricked out with seven computer workstations, external video wall, DirecPC satellite system for Internet connectivity, 32-foot LED display along the roof, two 10kw generators, and a ton of other gear. From the eBay listing:

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* Brushed metal interior components with Astro-turf walls and black rubberized flooring
* Coleman Mack climate control system in workstation area, standard A/C and heat in cockpit
* Track lighting throughout interior
* Ample storage compartments under vehicle with extra wall surface material
* Excellent condition – was acquired in 2002 corporate merger
* Bathroom and living amenities have been removed to accommodate computer equipment

Link (Thanks, Vann Hall!)