R. Crumb at the New York Public Library

Comic artist extraordinaire R. Crumb's memoir was published his month. His only US public appearance to promote the book was last week at the New York Public Library. He was interviewed on stage by art critic Robert Hughes who previously compared Crumb to Bruegel and Goya. I can't wait to read The R. Crumb Handbook! From the New York Times:

"I want everyone to love me," he said, half-mockingly, after explaining that he was once shocked to learn that the racial stereotypes and violence toward women he portrayed in his work were hurtful to many people. "Please love me," Mr. Crumb added.

A woman in the audience then shouted, "We love you!," and Mr. Crumb held up his hands, cringing, to stop the applause.

"O.K., you love me," he responded, laughing. "You're killing me, you love me so much. You're choking me. Now back off."