Bumper Dumper

In response to my previous post about a TP holder made from bike parts, my brother Charles Pescovitz points us to a toilet that mounts on a towing hitch. The manufacturer's slogan? "When it comes to #2, we are #1." Just $59.99.

You're at the campsite or in the middle of nowhere and suddenly nature calls. What do you do? You squeamishly go looking for a quiet spot behind a bush to do your thing. You cautiously avoid the poison oak and ivy. As you carefully squat down and try to relax a snake suddenly comes slithering through the weeds and startles you. What a mess!
Now when nature calls you can go in comfort where ever you are with the one and only Bumper Dumper®. No more looking for the right spot, no more trying to balance while squatting, and no more surprises from creepy critters. Just park your vehicle in a nice secluded spot, plug the Bumper Dumper® in to your trailer hitch receiver, and VOILA!! A portable toilet sturdy enough to hold 500 lbs. and just as comfortable as using the bathroom at home. You can even set up a privacy screen for complete comfort.