Time-management for anarchists from a productive anarcho-geek

My pal Jim Munroe is the most productive anarchist I know: he writes (great) sf novels, organizes a punk-rock multi-city Vaudeville circuit, makes entertaining text adventures, shoots videos and so forth. He's produced a slide show that exposes the secrets of his success, called "Time Management for Anarchists."

Time Management for Anarchists (starring Emma Goldman and Mikhail Bakunin, no less) is a great Getting-Things-Done-style tutorial on how to throw off the yoke of your day job and still remain productive without a labor-alienating boss cracking the whip over you. Jim built it in Flash to accompany a talk he gives, so it runs a little slow without his patter overtop of it. But it's CC-licensed so you can give it a hurry-up if you are so moved.


(Thanks, Gavin!)