Journal of Ride Theory amazing zine is now an amazing book

One of the best zines I ever subscribed to in the golden age of zinedom was the astonishing Journal of Ride Theory. JoRT devoted itself to high-sounding, scathing, funny and affectionate write-ups about rides present and past. They'd do specials on World's Fairs, Negativland reviews of the Haunted Mansion, bits about the kooky founder of Knott's Berry Farm and lots more. The articles ranged from great to mind-blowing, and the layouts were pure early desktop publishing goal, combining clip-art from Sean Terajatchi's magnificent, long-gone zine Craphound and the original, long-gone Mac fonts.

JoRT stopped publishing in 2000, with issue #5, and I've missed it ever since. Now all five issues of JoRT are back in print, along with a sixth, never-published issue, in the Journal of Ride Theory Omnibus, which reproduces every page of the zine in a handsome 8.5x11 edition. I read it in an afternoon and there was something to laugh at on every page (I also really dug the JoRT/Negativland CD that accompanied my review copy, which is JoRT's author and some of the Negativlanders chatting, backed with random audio rarities from Disney's history, like Kruschev's press-conference after he was denied entry to Disneyland).