Alan Moore tells DC Comics to get bent

James sez, "Comic writer supreme Alan Moore tells DC Comics to piss off and takes the next installments of the multi-award winning 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen; to indy publisher Top Shelf."

Speaking to me on Friday, Moore added to this sentiment, telling me "after the films came out, I began to feel increasingly uneasy, I have a dwindling respect for cinema as it is currently expressed." This came to a head when Alan Moore was sued as part of a suit against 20th Century Fox for plagiarism of the screenplay "Cast Of Characters" which bore heavy resemblance to the movie version of "The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen" starring Sean Connery…

"They seemed to believe that the head of 20th Century Fox called me up and persuaded me to steal this screenplay, turning it into a comic book which they could then adapt back into a movie, to camouflage petty larceny." This led to Moore giving a ten-hour deposition – he believes he'd have suffered less if he'd "sodomised and murdered a busload of children after giving them heroin."


(Thanks, James!)