Rocky statue on eBay

This famous ten foot tall bronze statue of Rocky is up for auction as a fundraiser for the International Institute for Sport and Olympic History. Starting bid is $1,000,000. From the listing:

 RockybwCreated for the movie ROCKY III the statue was erected on the top steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. After the filming ended a furious debate arose in Philadelphia between the Art Museum and the City's Art Commission over the meaning of "art." Claiming the statue was not "art" but rather a "movie prop" the city considered various alternate locations and settled upon the front of the Spectrum sports complex in South Philadelphia. It was later returned to the Art Museum where it was used in the filming of ROCKY V, as well as MANNEQUIN (Andrew McCarthy) and PHILADELPHIA (Tom Hanks). Again it was removed to the front of the Spectrum where it stands today.

Link (Thanks, Michael-Anne Rauback!)

UPDATE: According to a press release from 2003 on the seller's site, this statue is not the one at the Spectrum but another of the three that were constructed. I thought $1 million was, er, a little high, but they tried to sell it two years ago for $5 million. Wow! Now it seems like a great deal! Link