James Randi's letter from Doug Henning is stolen and on eBay

Joseph sez, "Here's a letter I (and others on the JREF mailing list) got from James Randi concerning a letter Doug Henning wrote to him which Randi states was stolen and is currently for sale on eBay:"

Item #6535581498 now being offered for sale on eBay is a letter written
and sent to me by Doug Henning in 1983. At that time, I lived in
Rumson, New Jersey. Until I saw it on eBay a few days ago, I thought it
was still in my Henning file, but it apparently was stolen from me
sometime after 1995, when I last referred to it.

If any of you have heard scuttlebutt about this item, I'd like to hear
from you. I cannot discover who offered it for sale, but I assure you I
treasured it highly.

James Randi.


(Thanks, Joseph!)