The teaches of peaches

Snip from instructional caption for the lethal "MONKEY STEALS THE PEACH" move: "Followers of the Iron Hand styles immediately clench their fists tightly, with a crushing grip, and jerk the hand sharply back to the near hip, effectively ripping away the genitals. Massive blood loss causes death."

Link to flickr post by Theremina, and here's the full-size image (jpeg). (via Warren Ellis)

Reader comment:
CMorrigu says,

In reference to the "Teaches with Peaches" story about "Monkey Steals the Peach" – the book this was taken from is Ninja Mind Control by Ashida Kim. I've owned this book for many years, and those two pages have always been the highlight. I used to show that section off to people all the time, but then I forgot about it. Thanks to Warren's post yesterday, I dragged the book out and laughed all over again.