Bogosity of Star Wars Galaxies's ban on music expounded

Lots of people have observed that the Star Wars Galaxies multiplayer game won't let musicians play their own songs in-game because of the licensing fear should they hammer out a few bars of a Madonna song, but Alice at Wonderland's take on it is perfect for pith and verve:

The ability for the players to create and play and perform their own music, in-game, would be nothing short of spectacular. Most of it would be rubbish. Some of it would be heart-liftingly fabulous. Watching a player perform their own music would be intensely more compelling than watching someone macro'ing set piece 3 (like the advert break on TV, healing in a cantina while watching these set pieces repeated is the player's opportunity to go stretch their legs and make a cuppa)….

The artist who is against some happy kids on Endor hammering out their mangled versions of songs on an instrument that looks like this… is an artist with no heart.