Screenwriter of cancelled, leaked Warren Ellis pilot marvels at his fanbase

Flynn sez, "The unaired pilot for the tv show 'Global Frequency' was leaked on the net. Global Frequency [ed: from the brilliant Warren "Transmetropolitan" Ellis comic] is an active 'smartmob' consisting of 1001 people organized through advanced cellphones who respond to global emergencies and phenomena ranging from Heaven's Gate-esque cults to rogue military operations."

Global Frequency screenwriter John Rogers has been posting a series of bittersweet and amazed entries to his blog about what it's like to have a burgeoning fan-base for a show that never got picked up, never aired, and only exists as illegal art:

I'd also like to remind you that illegal file-sharing is a bad, bad thing, and I in no way encourage it. All references to downloading sites will be immediately deleted from the this website. You, despite your enthusiasm, should be ashamed of yourselves. Ashamed.

Now, for a small sample for the suits (no links, and I think you know why) of responses from your emails, comments, and websites and messageboards around the world:

"one of the smartest and stylish pilots I've seen in all my years of watching the goggle box … [If] the DVD comes out I'll have link to Amazon and a write-up on the show."

"Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank everyone for me, will you. Thank you all so much. Thank you. If you haven't noticed, I cannot stop saying this: thank you."


(Thanks, Flynn!)