HyperSonic Sound device on eBay

We've heard a lot over the last two years about HyperSonic Sound, a cool system for focusing audio and "beaming" it directly at someone, sort of like a spotlight for sound. (Link to Mark's 2003 post about a New York Times article profiling the inventor. Link to 2003 Popular Science article.) Someone is now auctioning off one of the HyperSonic units on eBay. The auction ends tomorrow and has a starting bid of $800. From the listing:

 04 I 04 5D 65 Fa 1 B
DO NOT BID on this auction if you plan to do the following:

– Use the unit for abruptive advertising (to traffic or people passing by your store / billboard / etc)
– Use this unit for malicious purposes (as a weapon or to make people think they're going crazy)

This technology has some amazing uses that will benefit it's users greatly, but all power requires responsibility and maturity. So please, do not bid on this auction unless you have a scientific or productive use for the technology…

Q: I know this device is near impossible to own, how did you get a hold of it and why are you selling it?

A: I am an audio researcher and sound technician for a variety of corporations, including my own. I recieved this unit about a month ago to test direct vibrations used for convolution and reverb impulse sampling in various places (in other words, advanced noise/echo reduction). However, this specific unit does not create extremely low frequencies, so I'm selling it and buying a much much more expensive one. It was used probably 3 times, and comes with original box and manuals.

Link (Thanks, Vann Hall!)