Anti-software-patent site taken down by software patent advocates is the home of the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure, the activists who helped kill software patents in Europe earlier this summer.

Nutzwerk is a software company (they make "SafeSurf" among other products) who advocate for software patents.

Nutzwerk sent a bogus takedown notice to Teamware, who host the DNS for, and got them to remove the DNS record for FFII is now seeking a new host, but in the meantime, the bogus threats of Nutzwerk, combined with Teamware's careless cowardice, means that a pro-software-patent lobbyist has used the law to silence its critics:

This afternoon, Nutzwerk's lawyers sent a letter threatening Teamware with a preliminary injunction based on a page where we reported about the preliminary injunction handed down by the Hamburg District Court for Nutzwerk on June 28th. Our report of course couldn't avoid quoting some of the 8 sentences forbidden by that court. Moreover, Nutzwerk pointed to some forbidden sentences in some automatically-generated PDF files, which had not been updated (and which are rarely read, because they are assumed to be identical to the HTML pages, just formatted for printing).


(Thanks, Lu!)