Daniel Clowes in ReadyMade

ReadyMade editor Shoshana Berger interviews the amazing cartoonist Daniel Clowes, creator of Eightball, Ghost World, Ice Haven, and Art School Confidential, his latest big screen collaboration with director Terry Zwigoff. (Previous links to Clowes interviews here and here.) From ReadyMade:

ClowesilloRM: What was your favorite comic book when you were growing up?

DC: Mad magazine. Not necessarily the comic books, but those little paperbacks. I have all 78 of those.

RM: Did you ever have any other worldly ambition than cartooning? Like, did you want to be a fireman?

DC: I've always just wanted to be a cartoonist. From the time I was three years old, I had a stack of 300 comic books in my room that my older brother had left me. I just pored over them hour after hour. I'm sure if I had a computer or TV or something else, I would just go, "OK, comic books, I'm done with that." But they hit me at a primal time in my development. I could never really shake it.

Link (via Drawn!)