Warner Music CEO calls for iPod taxes, levies — twirls moustache and cackles, clatters away on tiny, ebony hooves

Edgar Bronfman, Jr, the Chairman and CEO of Warner Music, gave a speech about how the future of music distribution will be all DRMed, how DRM makes technology companies "innovate" by producing technology to record executives' specifications, and how great it was that the Canadian government was considering a tax on iPods. What a dipstick. Here's a little refreshing honesty for ya, though:

"We like government levies when they benefit us," Bronfman said. "I would like none of the legislators in France, for instance, to say they should no longer pay us a levy for all the blank CDs that are being sold, (though) it doesn't make up for the revenue that we're losing…If the government mandated filtering technologies, we'd be delighted."