Treasure My Text's SMS voyeurism

At MobHappy, Russell Buckley posts about a new voyeuristic feature from Treasure My Text, an online SMS storage site. "SMS Log," AKA "Slog" (yeesh..) is "a real time log and archive of SMS messages sent to and from Treasuremytext." If you read the messages all strung together, it's kinda like Dada poetry--surreal, dirty, and/or nonsensical. Of course, you have to opt-in to contribute to the anonymous archive. A sampling:

Just checking i said thank you for lovely dinner and lovely evening xx

Are we eloping?TTT

Unexpectedly detained overnight for phone theft and breach of promise. Breakfast surprisingly good tho' and you're worth it.
Horas Mami,aku sehat&baik2.Aku doakan Mami juga sehat,sejahtera&selalu disertai TUHAN.Aku terima SMS jam 24(6 pagi WIB ini).

hello babe

salut!merci pentru mesajul de scurt..dar e suficient si atat.Tu ce mai zici..bine, fericit? ne mai auzim:)

jim this is a tune,, from the top , alan

Link (Thanks, Carlo Longino!)