Pencil blog

Pencil Revolution is a blog all about those miraculous sticks of graphite, including "wooden wisdom, product reviews, and ephemera." For example, BB readers may be familiar with Dalton Ghetti who carves sculptures out of pencil points, like this boot. Also last week, Pencil Revolution put a PaperMate American Natural through its paces:

 Uploads DgbootConsidering that the target market for (the PaperMate American Natural) is "children and schools" and that some companies seem to (for some reason) market junk to kids for pencils, these pencils are a pretty nice find. The core is dark, and as my friend Dan in Baltimore puts it, "They feel right in your hand." The plain wood, blue letters and plain ferrule combine to make one attractive pencil. The sanding is not as smooth as some unfinished pencils, but it is made up for by the fact that you can get a serious grip on this pencil. Whether you are sweating or whether you just ate half of a pizza, the raw wood will stay put in your paw. I've done some long writing with these, and they work just fine. Sharpening is smooth and clean, almost as much as cedar.

Link (via Drawn!)