Psychology museum

Today's New York Times profiles the Archives of the History of American Psychology. Located in the basement of a former department store in Akron, Ohio, the Archives contain more than 1,000 bizarre instruments including the uniforms and billy clubs used in the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment, a vintage 1933 psychograph, and Dr. Stanley Milgram's infamous, and faux, shock generator. From the article:

Standing 30 feet from the (Milgram) display, (archive director Dr. David B. Baker) demonstrated a more harmless test of conformity, conducted on visitors to the exhibition. A sign at the front entrance instructed visitors to step only on black tiles in a passageway with a floor of alternating black and white tiles. Sure enough, Dr. Baker watched as a family of visitors followed the instructions.

"They were like a group of ducklings there," he said. "That's what Milgram said, we're very compliant."