Katamari Damacy 2 player collections 10^6 roses with oscillating fan

This Livejournaller connected an oscillating fan to his PS2's joystick in order to have repeat the same movements over and over again without intervention, enabling him to collection one million roses in the video game We Love Katamari Damacy.

We Love Katamari Damacy is the sequel to the magnificent Katamari Damacy in which you play a little cosmic prince charged with rolling around a magnetic ball that picks up household objects (thumbtacks, candies, mice) growing larger and larger until you begin to roll over and pick up entire cities, mountains and clouds. Playing the Katamari games is totally, utterly hypnotic, like playing Tetris was when it first emerged. And like Tetris, Katamari games make you start viewing the world in terms of what you can likely roll up.

Getting one million roses in We Love Katamari Damacy apparently unlocks a screen where the King of All Cosmos congratulates you warmly for your astonishing dedication. The photos of the gamer's screen reveals the text of this message.

On Friday night I hooked up a PS2 controller to a sturdy wooden chair with some string so it is immobile. I then taped the left analog stick in the forward direction. Then I put an oscillating fan in front of the controller-chair setup. To the fan, I attached a string with a loop on the end of it. I put this loop around the other analog controller so that when the fan oscillates, it pulls the stick in different directions.

The purpose of this setup is to collect one million roses in We Love Katamari.

Yes, I said one million. Doing this without assistance would be so ridiculously time consuming. It's not even vital to winning the game, but you get fun little things in the game for doing it.


(Thanks, Batty!)

Update: Patti accomplished the same thing with two rubber bands!