Poe/Seuss mashup

Horton Hears a Heart is a pitch-perfect mashup of Dr Seuss's Horton Hears a Who and Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart, two of my very favorite poems. The combination is made especially wonderful by the illustrations:

I buried him under the theedlewog bush
And jumped in a pool to rinse blood off my tush.
How smart I was, Sam! How sane was my plan!
So sure I'd be implicated by no man! –
It was then I stopped splashing. I heard a queer sound…
A faint tumpata-tump – but there's no one around!

Then I heard it again. But – who was it? Where?
… From the theedlewog bush? No! It can't be from there!
Well, it's not from the theedle that I hear this thumping
It must be Sam's compacted heart – it's still pumping!
My ears are quite large, and I do hear this sound
and I feel his cold stare through all six feet of ground.

The thump grew and grew like a clockwork in Hell
'til a glum kangaroo could have heard it as well…
and all of the beasts of the jungle, I'm sure,
could hear the percussion I scarce could endure!


(Thanks, Tim!)