Spanish ISP wants its customers to share WiFi

Riad sez,

Fon, a new Spanish company, is offering to build a service based on P2P principles for people to be able to access the Internet through other people connection using wireless networking.

The system is based on 2 categories of users;

— Bill who resell their connection to other members of the service

— Linus who offer to share for free and in exchange can benefit from roaming on the whole network.

the whole transaction is managed by the company (Fon)

Given that I'm paying 30 Euros a day for slow, buggy Swisscom WiFi at a hotel right now, I'd jump at this. Especially since the Swisscom service is so goddamned awful that they cut you off after 250MB of file-transfer, which means that I've already had to pay again today. If I were a WiFi operator looking to make a gigantic bundle, I'd just set up hot-spots next to hotels that use Swisscom/Eurospot. No WiFi operator in the world offers worse value for money, viciously screwing customers who are locked into paying by sleazy or ignorant hoteliers.


(Thanks, Riad!)