Citizen journalist documents giant propane explosion in San Fran

A Hertz heavy equipment rental depot near EFF's San Francisco offices has spectacularly exploded, as its giant propane tanks went up, one after another. My friend Quinn was on the scene and snapped a massive Flickr set of photos as it unfolded:

At a little past 2:45 explosions boomed out, audible from many blocks away inside the Hertz employees were running for the door with propane tanks exploding behind them. One mechanic had the presence of mind to hit the gasoline cutoff, but the propane kept exploding for nearly 20 minutes. One woman cried about losing her purse and her car, facing the burning building while about four firetrucks poured water in on the fire from all directions. None of the Hertz employees knew how the fire had started, but did say all of the employees were accounted for and unharmed.


(Thanks, Danny!)