Custom M&Ms: just don't mention the war, your hometown, or nouns

M&Ms will print you custom candies with two (short) lines of text — a cool idea, but too bad they let the lawyers at it. The terms prohibit your using the names of places and events on your custom, personal-use candies, and a clearly embarrassed marketing department has come up with several hilariously bad workarounds, like substituting "Thar she blows" for "Mr St Helens" and "Marry a Doctor" for "Johns Hopkins."

Custom printed M&M'S Candies are for personal use only. No business names, product names, celebrity names, specific sports teams, major events, landmarks, names of schools or institutions. You're smart…use your creativity and work around these specifics.


Update: Kevin remixed the M&M maker to let you sub in your own messages, such as Impeach Bush, War Criminal.