WaWa Digital cameras threatens to break customer's neck

Thomas Hawk, the blogger who previously outed PriceRitePhoto, a sleazy Internet-based camera store that practices bait-and-switch (order a camera from them and they'll call you up and bug you to buy overpriced accessories; if you decline, they cancel your order), has news on another bunch of dirtbags. These sleazo-s are Brooklyn's WaWa Digtial, and they called up a blogger and left him a voicemail threatening to break his neck:

"You better not pick up, bitch. I'm gonna to come down there and break your god damn neck. You heard me, alright? Kid, you better hear me, bitch. Do you hear me, BITCH? Yes, you'd better believe it. You're in biiiig trouble, my friend." This was the voicemail reportedly left on a customer's voicemail after he refused to buy overpriced accessories and instead wanted to cancel his order when he was abused by a salesperson at WaWa Digital in Brooklyn, New York…

By the way, the BBB reports the parent company of WaWa Digital as Starlight Cameras at 295 Avenue O, Brooklyn, NY. 866-621-1697. They also do business as Accessories Land, I.N.S. Digital World, Stargate Photo, and The Camera Whiz.


Update: Kelly sez, "The 866 phone number you have for Starlight Camera (parent company of the assault-oriented WaWaDigital) does not work. However, they do have a regular phone number which is 718-627-7111."

Update 2 LO2 has remixed the MP3 of the threatening voicemail.

Update 3 Dan took some pix of WaWa Digital, but got chased off by the store's violent nutbar clerks. Sure looks like a class establishment, though.