Stabby martyr pencil-holder

Funfurde sez, "Pencils are boring. Putting pencils into the Sebastiano pencil holder, however, is the height of entertainment. At least, it's as entertaining as putting pencils into a holder can be. Unless you don't like stabbing them into the belly a tubby plastic guy lying spread eagled on your desk, in which case this item is not for you. (Since we're told Sebastiano lives, I don't think it's as sick and twisted as it sounds, but I'm also trying to justify owning one and not come off as weird.) Anyway, this guy is an 'homage' to St. Sebastian, the young martyr who was shot with a bunch of arrows during an execution attempt but lived. (I'll spare you the part where he was later beaten to death, since that's not relevant to our story.) Sebastiano will cost you $20. From Giacon Massimo, the designer who brought us the Mr. Suicide drain plug, another crowd pleaser."


(Thanks, FunFurde!)