Flying Scooter

The Ultralight Flying Scooter combines a Honda scooter with ultralight paraglider gear resulting in a strange driving/flying contraption worthy of Mad Max. The flight kit costs around $5000, not including the scooter. From the FAQ:

Q: Is the propeller used or pushing the scooter down the highway?

A: No, the scooter uses its own scooter motor when driving down the street or highway.

Q: Is it possible for The Ultralight Flying Scooter to take off from an airport?

A: Yes, often Ultralight Aircraft are allowed to operate from airports without control towers. It may also be possible to obtain an experimental aircraft certificate for The Ultralight Flying Scooter so one can take off from a controlled airport.

Q: Can you drive the scooter down the road or highway with the flight assembly attached?

A: It is legal in some states, but we do not recommend anyone to drive down the street or highway with the flight kit mounted to the scooter. The driver's ability to handle the scooter with the significant increase in extra weight due to the flight equipment may be impaired. This will not be the case when the scooter is used off road, such as a flying field and in preparation to fly because the vehicle has 3 additional wheels extended to balance and support the additional weight more evenly.

Link (Thanks, Paul Saffo!)