Firefly fans trying to raise enough dough to produce a new season

A group of Firefly fans is trying to raise enough cash to convince Fox to produce more episodes, or license out the rights so someone else can do it:

We plan on raising enough money to fund 24 new episodes of Firefly – a whole new season of shows. Every cent of this money (minus credit card fees) will go directly to Joss Whedon to use as he sees fit to continue the trailblazing story of Firefly.


(Thanks, Andrew!)

Update: John warns, "The page contains Flash, which plays a loud piece of audio including gunshots."

Update 2: Patrick sez, "When I returned to the site this morning to see how much money has been raised so far, there was a message up saying that the donation drive has been suspended due to "insurmountable odds and legal issues." They don't really explain what that means exactly, though. All the money raised, however, is being returned to the donors. "