San Francisco In Jell-O on display in SF

Elizabeth Hickok's legendary San Francisco In Jell-O sculpture will be on display this Friday evening only at the opening of the Exploratorium's Reconsidered Materials exhibition. (If you'll be in the Bay Area before June 18, the entire exhibit looks to be incredible.) For those who can't attend, the Jell-O project is beautifully documented on Hickok's Web site.

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From her description of the piece:

This project consists of photographs and video, which depict various San Francisco landscapes. I make the landscapes by constructing scale models of the architectural elements which I use to make molds. I then cast the buildings in Jell-O. Similar to making a movie set, I add backdrops, which I often paint, and elements such as mountains or trees, and then I dramatically light the scenes from the back or underneath. The Jell-O sculptures quickly decay, leaving the photographs and video as the remains

Link to Elizabeth Hickok site, Link to Reconsidered Materials announcement (via Laughing Squid)